We live in a dynamic world, everything is constantly changing, new trends require us to constantly develop professional abilities and soft skills. The results of a study conducted at Harvard University and the Stanford Research Institute indicate that the contribution of hard skills to an employee’s professional success is only 15%, while soft skills contribute 85%. The ability to work in a team, appropriately use communication sources, effectively interact with colleagues, establish and maintain business contacts – this is a unique set of competencies of every successful person. The civil servants play an important role in the process of the formation of the country, they interact with citizens on behalf of the state, and that is why the development of personal soft skills is of particular importance in their professional activities.

The seminar was held on the basis of Sumy NAU under the general short-term program “Teamwork, Communication and Interaction”, in which the employees of the Territorial Department of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine in Sumy region took part. In addition to updating theoretical knowledge, significant attention was paid to improving the competencies of an effective team player.

During the seminar, the students demonstrated a high level of interest in acquiring professional competences, passed a test to identify the level of abilities to work in a team, received practical cases on how to develop the skills of a team player, considered the causes and ways of localizing conflicts in the team, and also – independently determined their own level personality conflicts.

The training took place using the Zoom application. An effective communication was organized using chat in the messenger, as well as e-mail. Upon completion of training, all trainees passed the mandatory final control (computer testing). Based on the results of the training, all trainees, who successfully passed the test, were issued with personal certificates of professional development.

We are convinced that the acquired knowledge will be useful and will positively affect the productivity of each individual employee. We wish our participants success in their work and continuous professional development!